Sugar Hill City Council Post 5

Taylor Anderson 

Elected to City Council! Thank You, Sugar Hill!

Sugar Hill Volunteer of the Year 2015

Sugar Hill Volunteer of the Year 2015

Dedicated service and strong leadership 

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Thank you, Sugar Hill!

Economic Development

Through continued leadership of the Downtown Development Authority, Taylor will work with partners as downtown sees the first wave of major investment. Taylor will continue participation in Partnership Gwinnett to bring jobs, economic investment, and projects to the City of Sugar Hill.


As an entrepreneur himself, Taylor knows the work it takes to start up and see a company through to success. Through the creation of an Entrepreneurship Council, Taylor will see that the initial foundation set by The Suite Spot, which his leadership on the DDA created, continues to thrive and that resources are available for Sugar Hill's small business community to become successful.

Sugar Hill Greenway

As one of the city's most ambitious projects that will support our residents' desire for healthy living and alternatives for getting around the city other than a vehicle, support and assist in the continued creation of the Sugar Hill Greenway.

Green Space & Parks

Taylor believes our community is great - and that will continue to attract more people to our city. He will continue the protection of property through the thoughtful acquisition of property for green space and parks when financially responsible. 


As a civil engineer, Taylor understands the value of our infrastructure network. Working with staff, Taylor will create an infrastructure inventory and review the condition and long-term maintenance plans for financial sustainability and return on investment.

Small Business

As a small business owner himself, see that resources like the Suite Spot are available for start-up and growing businesses. Working with partners like the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and Partnership Gwinnett, continue to see that the City of Sugar Hill is "open for business" by reviewing and, where prudent and reasonable, reducing regulatory burdens to business creation and expansion in the city.

Dedication to Service and Leadership

Taylor, through a commitment to a vibrant community and region, has been recognized for his leadership and dedicated service capped off by being selected as Sugar Hill's Volunteer of the Year in 2015.

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Through his service both in the City of Sugar Hill and across Gwinnett County, Taylor has earned the respect and endorsement of many others in public service. These endorsements demonstrate an ability to find collaborative solutions to the complex problems in a diverse county approaching a population of 1 million people.

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Taylor serves in several leadership capacities in Gwinnett County, giving him a broad perspective on not what's just happening in our city, but throughout our county, region, and state.

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With a commitment to dedicated service, Taylor has been recognized for his efforts both in public service and private practice.

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